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Farm CCTV Cameras And Security Installers in Driffield

Serving Yorkshire Towns and Villages

01377 258153

Driffield's Local Farm Security Camera
installation Experts

Protect and Deter.
Quality farm security is essential to ensure that your property and assets are protected from intruders. With our Farm Security Cameras, we offer the best preventative measures to stop unwelcome visitors.

We understand that theft is one of the most significant issues that farmers face today, and that is why we provide reliable security solutions.

We offer fully installation solutions as well as DIY kits for plug and play installation.    Our cameras meet and exceed the specification for the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 2024 - FETF219

01377 258153

Farm CCTV Cameras And Security Installers in Driffield

We offer a wide range of security cameras that can be customised to suit your requirements.

Alongside standard 24/7 monitoring, our surveillance cameras are equipped with movement sensors that will record upon triggering as well as offering the option of strobing and verbal warnings to further deter.

Farm CCTV Cameras And Security Installers in Driffield

Accessibility and Peace of Mind

With our remote monitoring system, you can keep an eye on the farm at any time, on any device, be that your phone, tablet, or computer.

Our system is set up so that you can give secure access to recorded footage to staff, friends or family if you're away from the farm.

With our HD-quality cameras, the images captured are not only fantastic but also much better for use in cases where prosecution is required. With a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, premium cameras, wiring and materials we provide you with only the best.

Want to find out more?

Contact us today to find out more about our Farm Security Cameras or to book a no-obligation quote. Simply complete the contact form below or call us directly

01377 258153

Farm Tech is located in East Yorkshire in the heart of the Yorkshire Wolds and offer our services Nationwide.

  • Client Comment

    They were really professional and delivered an excellent service, I would recommend them. 

    H Olivers
  • Client Comment

    The team at Farm Tech UK were extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the technology required for my farm to help me run smoothly. 

    I couldn't recommend them more!

    J Davies
  • Client Comment

    I had a great experience with Farm Tech UK. Gavin was friendly and knowledgeable and provided an excellent service. 


    T Rinder
  • Client Comment

    They were really helpful in explaining everything to me. I'm not very tech-savvy but they made it all seem easy and I have had no trouble since it was installed 2 months ago. 

    R Jumper
  • Client Comment

    I feel much more secure knowing that my farm is being monitored, the image quality is astounding. 

    So detailed. 

    L Dillinger
  • Client Comment

    Fantastic company & great service 

    K Frank
  • Client Comment

    I was really impressed with the range of services offered by Farm Tech UK. 

    They provided me with exactly what I needed with new wifi and a CCTV system that I can control on my phone from wherever I am. 


    R Edwards
  • Client Comment

    The team were really helpful in finding the right solution for my farm, advising which cameras would work best where. 

    I'm so grateful for their expertise and would recommend their services wholeheartedly. 

    M Trueman
  • Client Comment

    Me and Gavin had lots of conversations, what a great guy with amazing cameras and his help was second to none always on the end of the phone for help highly recommended.

    H Woodward
  • Client Comment

    I would highly recommend Farm Tech UK to anyone looking for top-quality farming technology.

    They really know their stuff and happy to answer all the questions I had. 

    O Powell
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